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Murder in Bologna

The Gem of the Mediterranean Sea - Notes

Chapter 1     Capitolo 1

Chapter 2     Capitolo 2

Chapter 3     Capitolo 3

Chapter 4     Capitolo 4

Chapter 5     Capitolo 5

Chapter 5 on a color Wheel

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Historical fun facts and Chapters' curiosities - The Pirate Balthasar

Cousins couples

Where is the story set?

The Fashion

Names: the girls

Names: Wilson Kane

Names: the boys - part 1

Names: the boys - part 2

Names: the boys - part 3

The Alidivento

Were pirate naked all the time?

Cattle, toilets, card and skinny girls.

Scurvy and man overboard

Life on a pirate ship.

Pirate pets and the Kingdom of Sicily

Books and music back then

About Human Branding.

All sailors sew.

Love, women and marriage in the XVII century.

Medical Skills

More Branding, undies and ancient sayings.

Women, gambling and drinking on board

Food and cutlery

Italian gestures - an insight on Kane.

Freedom, prosciutto and blood oaths

How to spoof

Being adequate

Corsets, laudanum and song of songs

The Spoofy chapter

Why is Balthasar so Balthasar?

The life of Jews in Finland

Fencing, stitching and mermaids

The flowers in volume 2 cover

Worms, Grapnels and golden asses.

Corn season and age issues!

Smelly XVII century

Dreams, numbers and wiping butts

Brushing teeth, taking a bath and black shores

Coffee and smoke... help socializing.

Marsala, baroque music and wedding gowns.

A Jewish bride and homes with two floors.

Romantic love and gentile brides.

Lice, afterlife and halvah!

The Poison Mystery 

Call backs and reincorporations

Solemn vows, holy spirit and kerchiefs

Eye level and porchetta

Cream bombs and how to trace a route

Flowers and Bees

Sonnambulism and Francis Bacon

Induction and Deduction


Pages vs. leaves

Old cheese, pon pons and sex strikes

Reading stones, frittelle and bees

Astronomy and wines


Typical diet

First night and noisy chameleons

Cooking with alcohol

Women on Board and black florins